Day 7: wild rose cleanse

I’ve been asked a lot these few days about why I’m doing this cleanse. I am doing it to take a second look at my diet, to reevaluate my lifestyle, and to give my body a chance to detox and rebalance. I’ve learned a lot about the effects of eating consciously: I eat less, maintain more balance in the nutrients I seek, and feel in more control of my portion sizes.

These days I stay close to home so that I can make food for myself easily. Today I went to trivia during dinner time so I had to take a long, hard look at the menu. I decided that there were two things I could have: salad, or steak bites. Everything else was breaded and deep fried, covered in cheese, or was infused with sauce. In the end I had steak bites with some brown rice I had handy. Of course I violated the bar rule by eating my brown rice to which I felt indignant because there wasn’t even a healthy choice I couldve opted for with my steak bites.

The lesson learned tonight is that I’ve put a lot of garbage in my body by simply ordering off the menu what sounded delicious all the years.


Day 7: wild rose cleanse

I surprised myself this morning when I made breakfast the most important thing in my routine. Instead of rushing off to the walk in clinic where I wanted to get a specialist referral, I decided that I need to start my day off right rather than regret it later with torturous cravings.

Day 5 and 6: wild rose cleanse

The habit is kicking in, so I find myself reaching for cherry tomatoes and nuts instead of shrimp chips and sesame snaps. Interestingly, my palate is becoming more attuned to spices and responding well to natural flavours. I unwittingly ingested some banned yeast sauces (soy sauce and sriarcha) but I didn’t have too much. Spending time with friends is becoming less of a binge eating opportunity and more about informed decisions in my order.

Day 5:
Breakfast and lunch: quinoa and rotisserie chicken
Dinner: homemade pizza with spelt flour flatbread and soy cheese.

Day 6:
Breakfast and lunch: assorted Sashimi, Avocado sushi with brown rice, tofu
Dinner: steamed halibut and curried vegetables

Day 4: wild Rose cleanse

Feeling a pure energy and clear headed… I slept in a little bit today because it’s Saturday so I had brunch which might throw me off my energy later today. I’ll just have to have a snack before dinner.

Brunch: brown rice cakes and cashew nut butter, followed by quinoa beet salad with baked chicken

Dinner: my friends are making pizza and having wine night… I’m going to the grocery story to see if I can find a gluten free, dairy free pizza. Otherwise I will have salmon Sashimi tonight with quinoa.

It’s definitely hard to be around other people’s eating habits during this cleanse. I need to be super prepared with delicious alternatives!

Day 2 and 3: wild rose cleanse 

Last night I drifted to sleep with the odd sense of ease that I hadn’t felt since I last binge watched a whole series of Korean dramas. It is a sense of exhausted bliss, a contentment with the blurring of days running into each other, feeling completely relaxed. I am so happy that I’ve allowed myself to really enjoy my time off !

Day 2

Breakfast: eggs and green beans with quinoa

Lunch: green rice (brown infused with puréed cilantro and spinach) and meat loaf

Dinner: baked chicken, soy milk, and salad
Felt a headache but I am almost fully recovered from my cold…I don’t remember when I had ever recovered so quickly. It must be the healthy, fresh food, and the lemon water I’ve been drinking all day.
Day 3:

Breakfast: green rice, or “arroz verde” with baked chicken

Lunch: quinoa beet salad

Dinner: soy milk and avocado salad

Feeling calm with the return of our cozy rainy days…finding a nice routine of getting fresh produce everyday after tutoring and preparing vegetable snacks in the morning for the whole day
Staying strong in anticipation of the weekend….

Wild Rose Cleanse : day 1

I mentally prepared myself this morning by purging  my fridge of processed food and not recommended food (yogurt, mushrooms, dairy). Then, I flagged a few good recipes and made a shopping list of fresh food staples that I’d need in the next 12 days.

Breakfast: brown ricecake with cashew butter (I didn’t feel hungry until lunch,  which is rare!)

Lunch and dinner: quinoa turkey meat loaf and peach salsa salad (pleasantly surprised by how delicious and easy these were to prepare! I felt so energized all day and I didn’t feel drowsy in the afternoon)

Exercise:walked approximately 13,000 steps or the equiv of 9km according to my fitbit. Also did 30 mins of hatha yoga instead of my usual nap.

Feeling: positive!


When the new year began, I set an intention for the year: simplicity. I wished to live minimally, with more focus on the important people in my life. I hoped to find balance financially, discover peace in my busy schedule, and enrich myself by allowing myself to pursue some hobbies. Since then, I’ve written less to experience more and I feel that the relationships in my life are much stronger from more meaningful interactions. It has been difficult to minimize, but I completed a successful spring and summer clean as well!

Summer this year is completely relaxed because I vowed to have no obligations to work and school for one vacation. It is too tempting for me to mentally charge on forward and I am working on catching up in my health goals.