Education, a poem.

I found a copy of a poem written by one of our Library scholars back in Busolwe. It was written as part of his application to be a library scholar (whereby his school fees would be subsidized by the library), and the topic was “Education”.

Where did you come from?
Oh! God, you created others white and others black.
Is this the education I hear?

Education, that you’re wise, whosoever comes
to you becomes wise. WHY?…..?
Education I hear that whoever wants you
pays money!! That you education puts other
people to the first class which benefits a lot
others in the second class which benefits some how
less and others in the third class which totally
inherits nothing. What can do Oh! Education
tell me… … …

Education, should I befriend you so that
I also enjoy the class people in this world today.
And if so where can I find that man
called money to touch you education?


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